March 2nd, 2016

I am often asked; How many clients do you take on, in a month??  I believe you’re asking me, what would happen if I had a conflict with another birth?   I take on Private clients AND clients from the South Community Birth Program in Vancouver.  I have (past tense) easily take on 6 or 7 clients in a month, but prefer not to, but I do need more than 2 clients per month to make a living.

A few examples of how my births work out;

End of December 2015; I had 2 births on Dec 29 – their due dates were Jan 9 and Jan 2

Early January 2016 I had 3 births – Jan 8 (due Jan 6); Jan 9 (due Jan 18); Jan 10 (due Dec 29)

Late January 2016 I had 5 births – Jan 22 (due Jan 26); Jan 23 (due Jan 9); Jan 25 (due Jan 26); Jan 26 (due Feb 8); Jan 28 (due Jan 18)

Late February 2016 I had 3 births – Feb 25 (due Feb 17); Feb 26 (due Feb 28); Feb 27 (due Mar 8)

I believe the Full Moon and New Moon have something to do with my clients births.  No-one can predict when your baby might be born.  I have clients that deliver on other days of the month, no where near the Moons, or their due dates.

The one thing I do know is I never worry about when you will deliver, it always works out.  I rarely use back-up; usually if a client is very late and I have plans to go out of town.  I do use experienced and lovely women as my back-up Doulas.