What Does a Doula Do? – My Book

I so enjoyed writing and publishing my book, What Does a Doula Do? Birth Coaching for an Easy, Joyful, Loving Birth a few years ago.  The book tells 6 real birth stories and how birth can be achieved with little or no drugs or interventions.  In an easy to read format, I explain why a Doula is essential to have, for an easier and more joyful birth, and how to go about hiring your Doula.  There is much information that will help you to prepare for birth and I answer common questions that every pregnant couple asks.   The book can be purchased on Amazon, Kindle or my website www.whatdoesadoulado.com this site has the option for an autographed copy, only  $20.00 a book

What others are saying about the book;

+  “Give this book as a shower gift.  It shows you how doulas can help women create an easier and happier birth experience.  Open this book and a wealth of information will spill out!”

Paulina (Polly) Perez, author of Special Women, Doula Programs and The Nurturing Touch at Birth

+  “This informative and positive handbook combines practical tips with personal birth stories to help Mum and Dad to stay calm, enjoy the pregnancy and achieve a more natural birth. Drawing on her extensive experience as a professional Doula and mother of five, Kim empowers women to give birth to baby without fear and to have a memorable experience for all the right reasons!”

+  “I get shivers of joy imaging other moms having this support in their birthing experiences, to have a doula journey with them – an experienced guide to travel the unknown terrain… an amazing support for moms and their partners, offering them strength, wisdom and clarity of potential choices to support the child into the world all delivered in the caring and loving energy of the author.”

Canela Michelle Meyers, author of Right Here, Right Now Meditations

+  “A wonderfully thorough and comprehensive journey through everything that Doulas provide for the pregnancy, birth and post partum period.  This book will help families prepare for their birth and make informed choices, including which doula would best suit their needs.”

Amanda Reid, RM & RN

+ “This book demonstrates to us how we can choose to make our child’s entrance into the world a celebration of the miraculous process that it, instead of the clinical experience modern medicine has sometimes made it into.  The birth stories that Kim has interspersed throughout the book really demonstrate how a birth coach empowers parents by providing them with education, tools, and loving care during pregnancy, labour and delivery.”

Denise Cunningham, bestselling author of Whispers of Hope

+ “Rich in thoughtful observations, personal insights and ‘birth stories’ this book is a delightful introduction to birthing in its most wonderful and humane form.”

Gerry Fewster, Ph.D, author of Don’t Let Your Kids Be Normal



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contact me at:   mydoulabirth@gmail.com