May 13th, 2020

I find it hard to wrap my head around the crazy and wonderful times we are going through. Every pregnant person should be taking this time, to focus on “being a Parent”. Soon this baby will have you vacillating between deep love, where you stare at it for hours and extreme sleep deprivation.

Before the baby arrives, try some relaxing techniques like:



Lounging in a Tub

Get Comfortable, and learn the Art of Napping

Eat Healthy

Do your Exercises, put this baby into the most ideal position, so your labor is quicker and easier

If you find you Worry – write on sticky notes positive reminders, post them all over mirrors – walls etc

I will deliver with ease

I am the perfect parent for my baby

I will allow my body to open and deliver my baby

I am prepared

My Body knows how to birth my baby


You get it, anything that resonates with you

I believe in you, just Breathe and Believe

2nd book coming this year…..

Kim Palmatary