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I support all clients who choose either home or hospital births.  I work very well with all Doctors, Obstetricians, Midwives, Nurses, Anesthetist and other health professionals, in Hospital or Home Births

My clients are varied, from all ethnic backgrounds including LGBTQIA and Indigenous families.  I have experienced birth with Primip (1st delivery), Multip (more than one), VBAC, Age 40 & over, Twins, Higher Risk or Special Care, Relinquishing and Loss. I am a registered Birth and Post Partum Doula with BCAAFC – BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres 

I provide physical and emotional support, using visualization and relaxation methods, in addition to traditional doula techniques.  I cannot diagnose medical conditions, give a second opinion or medical advise.  I do not make decisions for you, but I can and will be a strong advocate for you

My partner is Rjeha McRae, we have similar work ethic and experience as a Birth and Post Partum Doula, we have 21 years each and approximately 850 – 900 births each.  We rarely have a need for back up, but it is essential in our business. Our Birth Fee is $1,800  and Post Partum Fee is $40.00 per hour, this reflects our experience & knowledge

An informative guide, e-mailed to you with Birth Tricks, to review at the Virtual visit. These will help to better prepare baby and you for an easier and quicker labor. We will discuss your birth wishes and choices, for labor and delivery. Texting is encouraged as you get closer to the due date, if you have concerns or questions. Discuss your options on drugs or the progression of labor, when to call the hospital, how to manage early labor. Do you want a Natural Birth? What does that mean to you? Tips to breath and relax, essential to labor and then how to change when you are pushing. When it is important to call me and when I will join you during labor.

In My Bag of Tricks – Exercises for early labor; Acupressure points; TENS machine; encourage and advise in the moment, for your partner to participate at their comfort level; inclusion of other support persons; how and when to breathe; position changes for pushing and more; settling you (and your partner) so you can enjoy those magical few hours of getting to know your new wee baby. Establish chest feeding if this is your choice. 

I am On-Call for you 24/7 via txt, cell, emails

On the rare occasion, it is impossible to attend your birth, I will ask Rheja Gilchrist to back me up

Birth Post Partum Visit  At this time because of Covid, we will do a virtual post partum call. At your convenience to discuss your labor and birth; any feeding issues, questions about your baby; Sleep deprivation; how to soothe baby; information on community services you may be able to access 

Post Partum Doula Services My Fee is $40 per hour, minimum 4 hrs per visit.  Monday to Friday – days only. Some post partum tasks might be; Feeding support; Basic Baby care and education; Errands; Meal Preparation; Light housekeeping

I have been a parent for 40 years, and have 5 amazing Adults human beings that call me Mum.

I am the Author of  What Does a Doula Do?

and coming very soon Pregnancy ~ Four Trimesters Expert Tips & Doula Tricks

Available on Amazon, Kindle, Barns & Noble and Ingram Sparks

MyDoula Birth & Post Partum Services

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