Doula Services

I support all clients who choose either home or hospital births.  I work very well with all Doctors, Obstetricians, Midwives, Nurses, Anesthetist and other health professionals

My clients are varied, from all ethnic backgrounds including LGBTQIA and Indigenous families.  I have experienced birth with, Primip (1st delivery), Multip (more than one), VBAC, Age 40 & over, Twins, Higher Risk or Special Care, and Loss.   I am a registered Birth and Post Partum Doula with BCAAFC – BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres 

I respect the Doula – Scope of Practise.  I provide physical and emotional support, using visualization and relaxation methods, in addition to traditional doula techniques.  I cannot diagnose medical conditions, give a second opinion or medical advise.  I do not make decisions for you, but I can be a strong advocate for you

My Birth Doula Services

My Fee is $1,500  and reflects my experience & knowledge

An informative visit, to prepare you for labor and birth, via virtual  telephone; during the visit some of what we discuss:

  • your choices about your birth
  • what the birth might look like
  • education, to help achieve an easier and quicker labor
  • your options on drugs, progression of labor 
  • natural birth – what does this mean?
  • learn how to breath and relax
  • when you should call me and when I join you during labor
  • help establish breast feeding after delivery

In My Bag of Tricks – Exercises for early labor; Acupressure points; TENS machine; Rebozo; your partner participating to their comfort level; inclusion of other support persons; how and when to breathe; position changes for pushing and more; an hour or two for you (and your partner) to enjoy those few magical hours of getting to know your new baby 

I am On-Call for you 24/7 via txt, cell, emails, starting 37 – 42 weeks

On the rare occasion, it is impossible to attend your birth, I have an amazing back up Doula, Rheja Gilchrist  

Post Partum Visit  We visit at your home, at your convenience and discuss your labor and birth; Breast feeding issues, questions about your baby; Sleep deprivation; how to soothe baby; information on community services you may be able to access 

Post Partum Doula Services

My Fee is $35 per hour, min 4 hrs per visit.  Monday to Friday – days only

I have 37 years of personal and 9 years of client work experience with post partum care for babies.  I can provide;

  • Breast Feeding support  
  • Basic Baby care and education
  • Errands
  • Meal Preparation 
  • Light Housekeeping  

MyDoula Birth & Post Partum Services

    604 230-6341