About Me

Hi I am Kim Palmatary (nee Turton), a Mother, Wife, Professional Birth Doula, Certified Breastfeeding Counsellor, Post Partum Doula, Prenatal Educator and Writer, Author, Publisher and Volunteer.  I am also a Reiki Master, I believe in a holistic approach to life, utilizing Universal Energy that we all have open access to.  As a Reiki Master I can bring that Universal energy into the delivery room,  casting a positive energy through out the room as we welcome your new baby into the world.  I will not discuss Reiki unless you ask,  I appreciate you may not have any interest.  Also, please be assured, I do not use Reiki unless permission is granted ahead of time

In 2001, I became a birth doula, then later a post partum doula, breast feeding counsellor and prenatal educator. I use visualization and relaxation methods, in addition to traditional doula techniques to help you achieve a quicker and easier labour.  Your partner and I become the perfect support team, with my guidance your partner will be able to participate at their comfort level and be more effective for you.  Doctors and Nurses priorities i.e.: clinical responsibilities, heavy patient loads,  shift changes, which compete with the emotional care of a woman.   I will be with you as you are transitioning into active labor, through the birth and until after your baby is born.  A priority as your Doula, is a gentle continuity of care for labor and birth

I am passionate about  babies, birth and pregnancy.  I loved the challenges of raising my children, and now the joy of seeing them thrive as productive adults. When women are cared for in life and specifically the birth process, they are better able to care for their families. In supporting women, we enable them to make positive healthy life choices for themselves and their children, to create a happy balanced world to live and grow in

I am blessed to watch the miracle of birth, and grateful to the families that have asked me to join them in this private and momentous life changing occasion. I always wanted to be involved with the birth process, just not in a clinical way.   My help comes in the form of emotional support, showing compassion for the birthing woman; and physically helping a woman and her partner through the labour process.  I am also able to take my experience both private and professional to educate and help mums and partners to be the best they can be


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contact me at:    mydoulabirth@gmail.com