January 9th, 2017

For a while now I have been putting together the ‘bones’ of my second book.  It will focus more on helping the birth partner to be the best at helping during labor and delivery.  The reality Globally, is the lack of health care and knowledge about the most human of needs.  To create a baby and bring it into the world

Another reality, is that most people do not hire a Doula, and that health care is not the same every where.   I am passionate about my work, and the knowledge I have learned over my 15 + years.   I feel the way to access this information is via another book

I hope everyone will enjoy and need this kind of information, but hope you still choose to hire a Doula.  There is nothing better than the personal touch of an expert



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March 30th, 2016

I recently went to Metta Rest Spa, in Vancouver on Broadway at Alma, I loved it!

I highly recommend any pregnant women try this.  With a super-saturated salt water solution you will literally float in a large and private tub

The sensation of relieving all tension from your over worked joints and muscles is delightful

If you are looking for a bit of comfort from your growing baby, or even after baby has arrived and you need a spa treatment, consider this one


Metta Rest Spa


3663 West Broadway Vancouver

604  235-2529


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March 2nd, 2016

I am often asked; How many clients do you take on, in a month??  I believe you’re asking me, what would happen if I had a conflict with another birth?   I take on Private clients AND clients from the South Community Birth Program in Vancouver.  I have (past tense) easily take on 6 or 7 clients in a month, but prefer not to, but I do need more than 2 clients per month to make a living.

A few examples of how my births work out;

End of December 2015; I had 2 births on Dec 29 – their due dates were Jan 9 and Jan 2

Early January 2016 I had 3 births – Jan 8 (due Jan 6); Jan 9 (due Jan 18); Jan 10 (due Dec 29)

Late January 2016 I had 5 births – Jan 22 (due Jan 26); Jan 23 (due Jan 9); Jan 25 (due Jan 26); Jan 26 (due Feb 8); Jan 28 (due Jan 18)

Late February 2016 I had 3 births – Feb 25 (due Feb 17); Feb 26 (due Feb 28); Feb 27 (due Mar 8)

I believe the Full Moon and New Moon have something to do with my clients births.  No-one can predict when your baby might be born.  I have clients that deliver on other days of the month, no where near the Moons, or their due dates.

The one thing I do know is I never worry about when you will deliver, it always works out.  I rarely use back-up; usually if a client is very late and I have plans to go out of town.  I do use experienced and lovely women as my back-up Doulas.

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December 18th, 2015

Again we are at the end of another year, I hope you enjoy the Holiday Season.  It has been my sincere pleasure in helping all my clients this year, and I hope you and baby are thriving

My wish for everyone this year is – ease in getting pregnant – a healthy and delightful pregnancy – a quick and easy birth with me at your side – and a beautiful and healthy baby

Thank you to all my clients this year; be happy and may your life be filled with laughter and joy


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August 12th, 2015

I was recently at a birth where the mama pushed out her OP baby.  OP means posterior! Her will power to have a birth with no interventions, (other than a bit of Gas) was achieved.  I don’t consider Gas to be an intervention or medication

This Mama was given a choice of an episiotomy and a big push – which she said NO!! or  a c-section.  I leaned into her and repeated what the Dr had said, then told her she could have the c-section or she could push this baby out.  She only took a fraction of second to tell us, she “only needed a couple more pushes” – and she was right

3 pushes later we had a beautiful boy – with no episiotomy and better still NO c-section

You could be the next strong woman I meet

Kim …  Loving my Job, Birth and Strong Women

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July 28th, 2015

This has been one of the best summers, I love the heat and freedom from rain.  I have had the good fortune to be given more clients than I usually take in the summer time.  Births come to me for different reasons, VBACs, or women that need a bit of extra care for anxieties around labor or birth.  Of course I take pretty much any woman that asks for my help, I am not one to discriminate.

I love that I instinctually know how to help a woman navigate the wonders of labor.  The crazy strong parts, the easy and manageable parts, and when I see her with her baby at the end of labor, admiring her new babe in her arms, I always have a genuine sense of  pride that it was me that they asked to be present, with them.

So although I have been busier than I thought, I thank you all so much for enticing me to be there – present – while you birthed your  baby.  I can’t imagine spending my summer any other way


until the next birth


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January 24th, 2015

I am sure I have written about this before – but I am still so amazed at the resilience and strength women show during labor and delivery.  Women of all backgrounds, sizes and age fascinate me.  When put to the challenge of birthing their baby, the places they draw what is needed and the satisfaction for them when the baby is put into their arms is not only rewarding for me, but the reason I can still get out of bed in the middle of the night and drive to help.

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May 30th, 2014

I was at a very lovely birth.  I had gone to the prenatal visit and meet with two very lovely people just before Halloween.  We talked more about the birth than their back ground. I did not know that Dad had never known his parents.

I had casually been talking to one of the nurses at this birth, and she informed me that Dad never meet his birth parents.  Upon meeting his newly born son, he said “I have been waiting all my life to meet you”

A comment that is said in the moment of truth, and heightened emotion, with such depth; I am humbled by what I see and hear as I help labouring parents to the birth of their baby.  Comments made from the centre core of their heart; and the strength of women, as they scrap together the last bit of energy to push a baby into this glorious world.   It is always my pleasure to assist with my skills and services.

Thank you to everyone that has allowed me to be a part of your birth 🙂

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September 20th, 2013

Wondering about why  there is is a large gap in my posts?  After a big crash with my server, I lost all of what I had written and published since Spring of 2012, I will try and repair some of the damage.

I have found this year 2013 a fascinating year !  I am telling all my clients about a few techniques that are making a difference in them having shorter, easier labors.  I continue to be blessed with amazing clients and having fun helping them with their birth preparations.

This month, September, I have attended 6 births – and only been at hospital 3 times.  I have had double births each day.  This has happened once in a while but this month 3 times.

This fall I look forward to spending more time promoting my Book (What Does a Doula Do?) – and Teaching some classes at The Birch Tree in Ladner with the South Delta Midwifery group.  My focus is more information to everyone birthing so they can have a easier and more loving birth experience.




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June 28th, 2012

Once again I remind everyone that my book can be purchased on line at www.whatdoesadoulado.com    I will sign and gift wrap it for you also.  I have noticed that there are lots of births happening in 2012 and particularly more births this summer than in the past.  So if you are looking for the perfect gift for a Shower Present, or just interested yourself in reading about Good and Positive Birth Stories, or attaining some important preparational information before you have your baby, please go to either the site – or down load from Kindle – or purchase through Amazon.


A client of mine just emailed me this:  “I have enjoyed reading your doula book. It has given me a lot of insight into the birthing process and I enjoyed reading about some of your experiences!”


Thanks, enjoy our summer, I am looking forward to a busy BABY Summer 2012!