Love for Me – Testimonials

Love for Me – Testimonials

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“Kim is a phenomenal doula. Her years of experience helping women and their partners welcome their new babes is so evident in all that she does when the big day comes.

My baby came five weeks early so my partner and I yet had to meet Kim. I went into early labour and gave Kim a call and she was right on board with supporting me starting with my initial call. She put me at ease and told me what I needed to hear amidst the nervousness and anxiety that accompanied my baby’s early arrival.” 


“She was calm, knowledgeable and sincere and made my first experience with labor much more relaxed. She was there to advocate for me and my partner and was able to explain things before they happened.”


“Kim supported myself and my husband through the birth of our first child. She brought a calm and confident energy into the room which was exactly what we, as first time parents needed.      When we were expecting our 2nd child, there was no question that we were going to request her support again. She helped me to focus and motivated me to get the job done 😉 Her sense of humor also had me smiling through contractions!”


“Kim was recommended to us as someone who could provide the strong emotional support I needed to believe I could have a successful VBAC after a horrible first birthing experience that had ended in an emergency c-section.    Kim came prepared with a bag full of tools and tricks to help me try every labouring position and an infinite well of patience and reassurance she drew upon anytime I needed to know everything was on track and that I COULD do this.

From my husband:   As the husband, I thought I might be cut out of the picture with a doula there supporting my wife. But Kim made it clear that I was the primary support person and she was there to support me and my wife – and she really did. Her knowledge of the hospital and good relationship with staff reassured me that our birth would go smoothly. Most important was her positive attitude – in her mind there was no doubt that my wife and I would have a successful VBAC which made us believe it was possible.”