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A long week – 4 Births

Monday, August 1st, 2011

I had four fabulous births this past week – leading up to the New Moon of July 30/ 11.   There was one that was 30 hours; one where the baby was not going to come out, (but by c-section) no matter how hard we changed things; and then two that were quick and easy.    The variety of labor and birth always keep my work fresh and fun.

I am putting this thought out to the world – that the medical insurance companies, should be helping to pay for doulas, both birth and post partum .    The savings on the medical system would be hugely reduced.

I believe when women are attended by doulas, before – during and after birth, we are empowering women to be the best mother they can be.  These babies will run our countries soon and we best make sure all children get the best possible start to life.

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