Kim Turton Palmatary

I am a Birth and Post Partum Doula and Breast Feeding Counsellor since 2001.  I believe it is very important to hold a secure and sacred space of respect and calm, while helping to comfort and guide the birthing person.  I have had the personal experience with my first baby, delivering via Cesarean Section, then my 3 other babies delivered by VBAC  (vaginal birth after cesarean). I have a unique perspective of what my clients might be going through during their labor and delivery, and then the trying post partum months.  

As an Author, I can help many pregnant people world wide. I hope you enjoy all of this information and that it brings YOU a better Birthing experience.

My first book ‘What Does a Doula Do?’ explains why and how to hire a Doula, for your labor and delivery.

My second book Pregnancy ~ Four Trimesters!? talks about all four trimesters, from the first month finding out you are pregnant, to preparing for your labor and delivery. Then the many glorious and demanding months with an infant.

I am sincerely thankful for my guest authors, they have contributed a full chapter for YOU the reader.  

**  Dr Jack Newman (Toronto, Canada) for an extensive chapter on ‘Breastfeeding’ your baby

**  Kim Vopni (Vancouver, Canada) talks all about ‘Pelvic Health’

**  Paula Jaspar (Vancouver, Canada) with many tips on ‘Massage for Labor’

Special thanks to Sandy Thynne Nelson a Canadian Artist, as the primary illustrator for the Book Cover and many of the illustrations through out this book