Kim Palmatary

As an experienced Doula, I believe it is very important to hold a secure space of respect and calm, while helping to comfort and guide the birthing person


The experience of birthing my first baby via C-Section, then 3 VBACs, gives me a unique perspective of what my clients might be going through.  I am fascinated how powerful and strong an individual can be, when it relates to Birth and Family    


My husband and I liven South Delta, we are a blended family with 5 adult children.  When there are no babies – our time is filled with golf, travel, puttering around in our yard and enjoying time, laughing with friends.

My brother and his wife had their first baby and used the services of a Doula.  After meeting my new niece at the hospital, I went home to research the role of a Doula.   I was enrolled the next month for my training.  Since then I have had the distinct pleasure and privilege of helping over 600 babies make their way into this world

I am a trained Birth Doula, Post Partum Doula, Breastfeeding Counsellor, Childbirth Educator and Reiki Master.  I am the Author of What Does a Doula Do, a book about how and why you should hire a Doula for your labor and birth.



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