My Services and Fees

Women have complex needs during childbirth.  In addition to the safety of modern obstetrical care, the love and companionship provided by their partners, women need consistent, continuous reassurance, comfort, encouragement and respect. You need individual care based on your circumstances and preferences.  We will discuss your choices about your birth, during our prenatal visits.  As a Doula, I specialize in the non-medical skills, I do not perform clinical tasks that the doctor and nurse are expected to do, I cannot diagnose medical conditions, or give a second opinion or medical advise. I do not make decisions for mum, I am your advocate

The right Doula is very important,  you and your partner need to feel comfortable with your choice.  A very important part of my time during your labor, is keeping you relaxed while you breathe and ‘allow’ your body, to birth your baby.  I am very good at what I do,  I encourage you to read the Testimonial section, to see what some of my past clients have said about me

I understand you may have special requests for your labor and I will try my best to accommodate you.  (I do not look after your other children; you and your partner are my only responsibility)

Basic Labor Support Services – Please view my availability for Labor Support at 

Prenatal visit at your home – we review your birth wishes and I prepare you for what to look forward to during your labor  Birth Plan preparation (if you wish) – I have samples for you to review, and use as a guide

Phone and Txt Consultations as needed – 24/7 before and after birth

Email is sent to you at 35 weeks (approx), giving you ideas on how to prepare you for an Easier and Quicker labor

Support at home or  the hospital as needed

I take pictures of you during labor and the birth, I use my camera as I know it best.   I take tasteful pictures – unless you tell me ‘anything’ goes, which means I will happily take pictures of the delivery.   I capture one of a kind pictures in the moment  i.e.:   ‘Baby coming to mum’s chest for Skin to Skin’ – ‘Dad cutting the cord’ etc.  I email your photos via Dropbox, which is included in my fee.    I can refer you to a Professional Photographer, this is a separate and she will advise what she charges

Placenta Encapsulation, I will refer you to someone that offers this popular and growing service, this is separate and an additional charge

I stay with you 1-2 hours after delivery to ensure you are comfortable, and in that time we try to initiating breast feeding

Although I rarely need to use back-up Doulas, I work with Doulas that have similar experience and birth philosophy as myself

Post Partum Visit follow-up appointment,  we go over the labor and I will answer questions you might have about your labor and birth

I am a Reiki Master and can use Reiki during labor  [with your permission only]  no charge



I charge $900 – $1050 per birth.  The fee is paid via;  e-transfer  or  cash;  the 1st payment, is half the fee and payable the day I’m hired, the second half is payable the day baby is born.

Why I charge my fee; I show up!!  I have more than 15 years of  knowledge and experience with over 500 births.  Please read the testimonials to see what past clients have said about me.  The average 1st birth equates to approximately 36 hours, of which includes prenatal visits, a post partum visit, all communications, the birth, travel time, my expenses.   Being on call 24/7 for two weeks before and after the actual estimated due date

All fees and services can be adjusted to suit your needs, please discuss with me what works best for you  

How many clients do you take on in a month??      2 – 3 clients

Women’s Hospital  is my favourite hospital, and I know it well, but I am happy to go to other hospitals in the lower mainland

Home Births  I love home births!  My Birth Pool is available if you are a client planning a home birth (there is an additional $50 fee for the liner)


This will be the most memorable day of your life over and above anything you have ever experienced and having a doula with a lot of knowledge and experience should be your priority.    I have been blessed to attend over 470  births since 2001.  I can offer you a natural birth; with my extensive experience, knowledge and your willingness to try,  providing; the progression of labor;  and yours and/or baby’s health are not compromised due to unforeseen medical complications



Basic Post Partum Doula Services – please view my availability for post partum work at 

Breast Feeding support and education

Bathing Baby support and education

Basic Baby care, support and education

Care for multips and siblings

Sleep support


Meal Preparation, I am not a ‘chef’ but I do like to cook healthy and organic (what ever is your preference)

Light Housekeeping

Help fielding visitors

I work Monday to Friday, days

Fee:  $25 – $30 per hour

I believe if I share with mums and dads the tools and education to take care of baby, they learn quicker to be the best parents for their baby.  I look after the Mum first, then Baby, the family and then the house.   Along with my personal and professional training and experience, I bring the same care and understanding to mum and baby – as I do with laboring mums and dads.  I have a reputation of genuine respect, dignity, caring and compassion to all people that I work with.   I am happy to help and answer all your questions, or give you a referral to a professional that can help with medical advise.


Kim Palmatary       604  230-6341    

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