My Services and Fees

Birth Services

I provide a 2 – 3 hour prenatal visit, some topics are

  • your choices for your birth
  • education on having an easier and quicker labor
  • breastfeeding information

I am available via text, email or telephone

Post Partum Visit when convenient for you and baby

Rheja Gilchrist is my back up and partner, our philosophy towards labor is very similar

My fee is $1,500 for a birth

I accept e-transfer or cash; the 1st half of the fee is payable the day I am hired, the 2nd half is payable when we have your prenatal visit

Doulas specialize in non-medical labor skills.   I provide physical and emotional support, using visualization and relaxation methods, in addition to traditional doula techniques.  I cannot diagnose medical conditions, give a second opinion or medical advise. I do not make decisions for you, but I can be a strong advocate

I attend most of my hospital births at Women’s and I know the staff and the hospital very well.   I will also go to other Hospitals in the lower mainland, please ask

I love all home births! and working with Midwives.  There is a charm to birthing at home.   I will help make yours very comfortable and special



Post Partum  Services 

Breast Feeding support and education

Bathing Baby support and education

Basic Baby care, support and education


Meal Preparation

Light Housekeeping

I work Monday to Friday, days only

Fee:  $35 per hour  (4 hr minimum)

My goal is to give you the tools and education to take care of  your baby

I have 37 years personal and 17 years professional training and experience with birth, post partum care and babies.   I have a reputation of genuine respect, dignity, caring and compassion to all people that I work with.


Kim Palmatary       604  230-6341    

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